A la Carte

JAN 5-8, 2022


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Electrification will be a catalyst for a range of new experiences, and that includes how autonomous vehicles will transform our daily experience.

Mary Barra
Chairman and CEO, 

General Motors

Vehicle Technology 

at CES 2022

Tell Me More About Participating in Vehicle Tech at CES.

Named one of USA Today’s 10 best automotive shows, CES® features the world’s leading automotive manufacturers, the latest concept cars, air taxis and emerging automotive trends. It has become the epicenter for the future of the connected vehicle and a must-attend event for those in the vehicle tech and automotive industry. 

The impact that CES delivers is unmatched. That’s why it came as no surprise when General Motors chose CES as the platform to launch their transformational strategy to advance mobility.

Brands Committed to Exhibit at CES 2022:

The road to success begins at CES

All top 10
global automotive 


9 of the top 10
autonomous vehicle

companies to watch 
in 2020

13 of the top 16
companies paving the way for driving car tech

Based on: 2020 revenue from Fortune 500 companies

Source: Autonews

17 of the 21
largest car companies
in the world

Source: Analytics Insight

Source: Builtin

Vehicle Tech Represented at CES